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For a very limited time - this is part of a capped marketing test I'm offering an 88% discount on my best-selling Everyday Visualization Training System, the #1 online visualization course which speeds up the 'manifestation' of your dream life.

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You'll get instant access to a VIP members' site, packed full of valuable content. Login, and you'll find everything you need in order to learn and master visualization: a 90 minute training video which reveals my 'childs play' 5 Step System... guided visualization MP3s (powered by brainwave entrainment technology) for you to simply listen along to and visualize in minutes, 'quick start' guides... and much more.

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My deepest belief: if you are determined to "manifest" your dream; fulfil your potential; live a life of freedom, abundance, fun and purpose... and achieve your version of success... daily visualization is absolutely "the secret".

Imagine it as the path of least resistance to your goals.

Carl Harvey

In case we haven't met: I'm Carl Harvey. Over the past 8 years I've studied every major school of personal development - spending tens of thousands of dollars in the process - with one burning desire deep in my soul:

To be able to live my dream, and be really happy doing it.

Visualization has been the key. I now:

  • Work part time for six figures
  • Live in my dream pad on the beach
  • Have passive income & time freedom
  • Get to do what I want, when I want.... :-)

Now - your dream might be quite different to mine...

But the fact is: Visualization can help you get there quicker.


10 Years, 100 Courses and $100,000 Spent

I've lost count of the stuff I've studied... and implemented... in order to get here today.

I certainly remember NLP ($17,000 and 4 years later I'm a "Master Practicitioner" - and yes, you're right to assume that this means I'm essentially a Jedi... hehe! 

... I've also paid big bucks to learn Transcendental Meditation, EFT, Brainwave Entrainment, Self-Hypnosis, Silva Method, Wu Wei Manifesting, Quantum Jumping...

As well as Positive Psychology, the Sedona Method, CBT, Landmark Forum, Tony Robbins ... and many, many more. 

... And that's not counting the $10k a year Mastermind Groups, Life Coaches, and 1-on-1 mentoring. 

In fact - I've invested well over $100k in my development, attending over 100 courses and seminars, to learn the "Secrets" of success... (and also what flat out DOESN'T work).

And today I want to give you the "fast track" to what really works...

ABOVE: The "Dream Apartment" I visualized for 18 months... even though I lived in miserable, rainy London and had ZERO plans to move. The pad then manifested "out of the blue" - alongside a killer financial opportunity. It turned out to be in Bondi Beach, Sydney... and I seized the opportunity and made my dream come true... all thanks to the power of Visualzation!


The Real Truth Is...

... and you've probably experienced this: a lot of "self help" stuff just straight up doesn't work.

Most of it is WAY too complex... or relies too much on motivation.

And it doesn't seem to work every single time, without fail.

What I was searching for is a system that would work for ANYONE who applied it.

And after cracking the 'blueprint', that's precisely what I want to teach you today.

Because after studying practically every aspect of personal growth; networking with some of the biggest gurus and teachers; paying top dollar to learn from everyone from Tony Robbins to Michael Neill and Richard Bandler and T Harv Ecker, John Assaraf... and nearly everyone inbetween...

.... I discivered there is ONLY ONE process, one SHORTCUT they ALL use and teach...

The 80/20 approach to success: 

 You got it: Creative Visualization...

Because (and this is "the secret"): when you have a crystal clear goal (a vision) and repeatedly visualize achieving it - over and over again with emotion, positive expectancy and the belief it will manifest - you WILL consistently get more of what you want.


Forget all the fancy NLP language patterns, affirmations, "tapping" and everything else...

Decide what you want... imagine it in detail... repeatedly... and wait for inspiration to strike (it always does).

Then - and only then - take 'inspired' action.

ABOVE: I was fortunate enough to be able to GIVE my kid bro (well, he's 27 now) his DREAM SPORTS CAR. As you can imagine, this made his year :-)  This was something I visualized for months, until my subconscious 'flashed up' the plan I needed to make it happen. The only condition of my gift? He was ONLY allowed to listen to gangsta rap in the car. Seriously. This is the power of livin' your dream.... giving back. (And making people listen to hiphop if you so choose!)

But, I admit, there's a downside to all this ... 

... You Have To Visualize The RIGHT WAY

Most people in our community have tried visualization... and written it off.

They say "visualization doesn't work". Or worse: "I can't visualize".

That's crazy talk! We ALL visualize!

Fact is: if you've ever worried about something going wrong, relived a past memory or anticipated the future, you are visualizing!

Please re-read that last sentence.

Visualization uses the exact same process as worry (with positive intent instead of fear).

Visualization uses the exact same process as daydreaming


In my course, I simply show you how to 'train' your imagination a bit, so you daydream with structure and purpose. This is what delivers the *big* results you've been hoping for.

And, as I teach: the key is to get so excited when you visualize that you trick your subconscious into believing your vision has already happened. Do this, and you'll be swept away by ideas, coincidences and opportunities... until your outer world matches your inner expectation ...

That's the key. It's really that simple:

Make visualization detailed. Make it real. FEEL THE FEELINGS OF SUCCESS.

Then repeat. Again and again. Why?

Because your subconscious mind WILL make your new vision a reality. Usually by bringing you increased self and confidence... new ideas... and (magically?) new opportunities... plus people who can help you towards your goal.


Perhaps Napoleon Hill put it best:


"Our brains become magnetised with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means with which no man is familiar, these 'magnets' attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts..."

- Napoleon Hill, in 'Think and Grow Rich'



All you need to do is visualize "the right way" - vividly, with feeling, and ALL YOUR SENSES. Make it real. Make your vision your "dominating thought".

And then simply take action when the "forces, people and circumstances" magnetise... and come find you.

Visualizing Brings You "3 C's" ...

  • Confidence

    When you spend 10-20 minutes each day imagining yourself performing at your best, achievening all your goals and generally acting 'like a boss', it's inevitable your confidence will rise. Boom.

  • Creativity

    Your subconscious mind is wonderful. Feed it the image of having achieved your goal, and it can't help but go to work & show you how to get there. You'll get multiple ideas, insights & 'ah ha' moments.

  • Coincidences

    Whether or not you believe in the 'law of attraction', it's likely you'll seem to 'attract' people, opportunities and ideas to you... like a magnet. By all means be skeptical, but give it a try... it'll blow your mind.... :)


"I've gained greater patience, belief, understanding, skill level... This training kicks ass. This week I netted $50k on the Mini Dow Futures"

- Paul W.



QUICK STATEMENT OF THE OBVIOUS: Visualization is not a "magic fix". Please do not take my training if you believe - even slightly - that what I will teach you is to "sit in your bedroom imagining your dream life, and voila: it'll happen".

Nah. As if. I wish!  :-)

Far too much of the self-help world is plagued by "magic bullet" claims like this, praying on the gullible, weak and desperate. That ain't me... and I believe, if you're reading this now, it's not you.

Visualization is a FAST TRACK success strategy. NOT a magic fix.

My students *get this*. They're smart, ambitious, intelligent. Open minded, yes - and certainly not fools!

Visualization is an ENABLER of opportunity. Visualize often and - most likely - you WILL feel more confident, capable and inspired. You'll have ideas flash in your mind in an instant, and YES - you will seem to "attract" coincidences and stuff you just can't explain.

Visualizing will put you "in flow"...  and YES - you will feel momentum building.

As Joe Campbell said: "It is miraculous... You begin to meet people and they open doors to you... Doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be".

True story.

 Give My 5 Step System A Try

OK, OK, it's (almost) time to make yo' mind up here.

EIther you take the advice I've shared, and leave this page having learned something cool... Perhaps you'll apply it perfectly and grow in success; maybe not. 

If you choose this option, let me say one thing: Good luck!

Seriously - I wish you all the best. You rock. No hard feelings. It's all love :-)

Not everyone is ready for the *shift* of being able to create what they want - pretty much on demand. Honestly: getting what you want can't be scary, weird, uncomfortable... A bit strange all-round.

Or, you might not be ready for this for another reason entirely - and that's cool, too.

I wish you well, baby!

BUT ...

... You could let me teach you my entire comprehensive and easy-to-apply 5 Step Visualization system, 100% risk free, at an 88% discount on my usual prices.

And you will see an initial impact in your life within 48 hours, guaranteed.

My training is available instantly: and it's VERY cool. You get a 90 minute training video which teaches my easy to follow 5-Step System, Guided Visualization MP3s so you can just 'kick back' and be taken into a wonderful world of your success and achievement, plus tons of bonus MP3s & videos, and TWELVE other bonuses... AND it's all crammed into a brand-new, easy-to-use VIP Members Area (please see below for full course outline and pics).

All in all - you will have instant access to everything you need in order to learn and master visualization. You can work entirely at your own pace, learn in the way you learn best, and call on me personally whenever you need some 'VIP' help :)


Nothing to wait for in the post. No time to wait at all to get started.

In fact: Feel free to start the 48 hours 'til YOU get tangible "real world" results countdown!

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Remember that "Magic Bullet" thing...?

Let me reiterate this: I trust you know this is NOT a "magic bullet" system. Your attention is required. Like everything in life, the skill of visualization requires practice & refining.

Please don't buy this if you're not willing to put in a bit of time and effort in order to create your dream life. I make it easy, but you still have to put some energy in. Naturally.

BUT: that's not to say there won't be "magic".

In fact, I guarantee that you will experience some spooky "real world results" - such as new ideas; coincidences & syncronicities;  boosts in creativity, confidence & self-belief; and small "wins" - within just 48 hours of APPLYING my system.

Guaranteed. Or take your money back! Voila.

I 'm not sure how or why this works: Subconscious mind. Law of Attraction. Quantum Physics. Power of Intention. Reticular Activating System. Infinite Intelligence. Holographic Universe .

All of the above.

Who knows?

All I know is you will notice the difference in your life. Stuff just starts to 'flow'.

Real Magic, as Wayne Dyer says.

And you'll experience it within 48 hours of now... or you don't pay.

Yes - this is totally subjective. But I trust youYou'll know if you're "attracting" more opportunities, ideas and success... If you don't, you don't pay. Your call.

FYI: less than 1% of people have taken me up on this offer to get their $ back... which indicates that what I'm teaching actually DOES create epic shifts... The BIG QUESTION is: what will it create for YOU?? :-)


"Your 5 Step System is turbocharging me and my husband to prosperity. We have tried so many ways to connect to abundance, and now we have seen our first bits of money and more higher quality opportunities than before..."

- Nannette DiMascio


60,000+ Have Already Succeeded

In summary: I have already helped 60,000+ people learn how to visualize, and 100s have already succeeded thanks to my Visualization training - even especially those who were convinced "I can't visualize". 

My training is fun, memorable, and EASY TO APPLY.

And you can get it for a fraction of the real cost. The course contents individually sell for $362... but you can save 88% and get it all now for just $47. Stated another way, that's $300+ less than it should be!

Two reasons I'm offering this unprecedented offer: (1) because I want to encourage another 1000 people to succeed with visualization ... as quickly as possible,  and (2) it's part of a marketing test - I want to see the impact of such a steep discount.

Fancy giving it a whirl ...? All risk on me?

Ready to make a 'quantum leap' forward?

Over to you baby :)


Carl Harvey

(email me at carl.j.harvey AT if you still have questions)

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P.S. Read on for full course outline & FAQs....


ABOVE: A screenshot of the VIP Members Area. You get instant access for just $47, saving 88%. Look at all this powerful and transformative content! You get lifetime access. It's AWESOME :-)


What You'll Get From My Training

The training is specifically designed to help you achieve "real world" results with visualization within 48 hours.

Define this as you want - but I often receive multiple signs my vision is "manifesting" very quickly; like new ideas, coincidences, a feeling of more confidence, attracting money, meeting someone new, thinking of an old book which has 'the answer'... etc etc.

I know it'll (very likely) be the same for you.

The VIP training area is jam-packed full of valuable content - Training Videos, Guided MP3s, reports, and more - and a growing community of ambitious high achievers, just like us.

In short: you'll learn how to visualize (so you actually get real results... and how to do it QUICK.

My passion is helping people to "break free" of average lifestyles and live life on their terms. I've definitely found a blueprint which dramatically speeds up that process - and I'm revealing ALL.

Keep in mind I work part-time, earn 6 figures, live on Bondi Beach and GAVE a sports car to my kid bro - I know how to achieve MORE with LESS. Yeah baby.

This means you can enjoy more freedom, success, abundance - whatever it is you want at the deepest level - faster, and with more ease. (Note: not "easy"... but certainly "with more ease and enjoyment, and less struggle").


Your Course Outline

Here's EXACTLY what you're getting today

  • My Best-Selling 90 Minute Video Guide To Visualization. I've helped over 65,000 people learn how to visualize, and in this powerful train  ing I teach you my proven 5 Step System... which even a child could master! (And YES it has worked for 1000s of people who thought they "couldn't visualize"!) This forms the *blueprint* of your training, and once you've mastered this you'll KNOW exactly how fun, simple and NATURAL visualization should be.  Usually $67.
  •  Bonus 1: VisualizeACTION! MP3. Repeatedly called the "world's best guided visualization", strap on your headphones and let me take you on what I guarantee will be your most vivid, powerful and effective visualization yet... which compels you to TAKE ACTION! Usually $37.
  • Bonus 2: (VIDEO) 3 Steps To Influence Your Subconscious Mind. When I released this video to a small section of my subscribers, it quickly became my most commented on video EVER. Don't be put off by its simplicity, these 3 simple steps work every time (and I bet you're not doing at least two of them). Powerful stuff. Usually $27.


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You ALSO Get Instant Access To: 

  • Bonus 3: My 5 Step Visualization System (PDF). If you want an easy, quick-start guide to visualization, this is it. Print off a copy and refer to it anytime you want to visualize.   Usually $17.
  •  Bonus 4: My Visualization "Cheat Sheet" (PDF). Full of secret tips to help you "cheat" your way to visualization success. Usually $9. 
  • Bonus 5: Quick Start Video - "How to Visualize. Not got time for the full 90 minute training today? This condensed, 17 minutes, 80/20 version is for YOU... because you'll learn the "must do's" and basics, super-fast. Usually $17.
  • Bonus 6: 30 Minute Visualization (Binaural Beats MP3). This powerful MP3 puts you in the perfect state for visualization (alpha and theta brainwaves, as you ask). This not only relaxes you and feels amazing, but it actually helps you to change your subconscious programming faster... so you can start "installing" some empowering, abundant beliefs. It's the perfect way to visualize... and it's yours. Usually $27.


And You're Getting EVEN MORE: 


  •  Bonus 7: NLP "Circle of Awesomeness" (VIDEO). NLP dramatically increases your experience of visualization - and your results - and this powerful exercise leaves you feeling loved, motivated, inspired... and abundant. Give it a go and you'll feel what I mean.  Usually $17.
  • Bonus 8: Ten Minute Daily Visualization (MP3). This powerful Binaural Beats audio is perfect for a quick, daily visualization. Just press play, and you'll be visualizing in seconds. This is a *must* to help make your daily visualization feel as natural as cleaning your teeth.  Usually $17.
  • Bonus 9: Binaural Beats Training. This exclusive, 5 Part video training series teaches you how to get the most from Binaural Beats... and how to dramatically boost your results from visualization. This is a "must see" if you want to fast-track your results, because you'll learn how to access - and influence - your powerful subconscious mind, a whole lot quicker. Usually $47.
  • Bonus 10: 50 Minute Visualization (Binaural Beats MP3). This powerful MP3 is for loooonnnng, super-deep, intense visualization sessions. You'll reach the elusive Delta brainwaves... which mystics say gives you direct connection with "Infinite Intelligence". Enjoy.  Usually $37.
  • Bonus 11: One Minute Zen (VIDEO). There's not much point manifesting your dream life, if you're gonna be miserable when you get it. (Believe me, if you ain't happy now you won't be when you reach your goals ... unless you learn to love the present moment). So in this daily one-minute exercise I get you feeling blissed out, happy and peaceful... a.k.a. get you feelin' all Zen. Usually $17
  • Bonus 12: 6 Visualization Mistakes (PDF). D'oh - don't make these all-too-common mistakes. I swear that 90% of people who try to visualize do at least one of these MUST-DO things wrong... but luckily I save you the trial-and-error of figuring it all out, and point out the six deadliest errors you simply gotta avoid... if you want "real world" results. Usually $17.
  • Unadvertised Bonuses. Naturally, I've held a few surprises back too. Why? Well, because I like to under-promise / over-deliver, and EVERYONE loves a surprise! So, when you login to the VIP Members Area head to the "Bonus Area" and you'll find a few wonderfully suitable and RARE extras to help you get even better results ... My gift to you. Boom! 

That's my entire system, years of work, research, trial & error and practice, beautifully packaged in a VIP Members Site - available to you 24/7, where-ever you are in the world - specifically designed to get you measurable results FAST - all for the ludicrously reasonable investment of $47... AND naturally this is 100% guaranteed, there's no risk to you whatsover.


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Still got questions? Try this:

Advanced Visualization Training: FAQs

  • Remember: You get my entire Everyday Visualization Training plus TWELVE key bonuses, for just $47. That's a saving of around $315 off my usual prices.
  • This is 100% Guaranteed for Sixty Days. If you don't love it, you get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Just send me an email & I'll cheerfully refund your investment. We'll still be friends :-)
  • Plus, even if you refund, you can FLAT OUT KEEP EVERYTHING. Seriously. My gift to you - keep everything you've downloaded. There's no risk to you whatsoever. I sincerely want you to benefit from this training. So I'm making it easy. Real easy.
  • You'll get instant access. As soon as you sign up, you'll be emailed your unique login details... which you can use to sign in to the VIP Members Area. This means you can start getting results in minutes. 
  • You pay only $47, a saving of 88% off my usual pricing. Plus you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the VIP Members Area. There are NO upsells, continuity, or other shenanigans. This is a one-time thing, and there are no hidden fees. Promise.
  • This offer ends soon... I'll be taking the page down when I reach my sales number (this is part of a marketing test) No exceptions. So don't delay. Act now. With a 60 day guarantee, and an 88% saving on the table, what are you waiting for partner? LET'S GET VISUALIZING :-)

Still got questions? email


P.S. Today - April 25th 2013 - I just created a BRAND NEW "Quantum Leap Guided Visualization MP3", and I'm bundling it in FREE - for a limited time - with the Everyday Visualization Course.

It's 10 minutes long, and recorded over *mind bending* Isochronic Tones, and packed full of NLP language patterns and embedded hypnotic commands... so it gets RIGHT TO WORK on your subconscious mind... or, in layman's terms: it rocks!

It's designed for daily use - and it will give you an amazingly vivid visualization, which leaves you buzzing with energy and confidence, every single day... just wait til' you try it!!

You'll find it in the 'audio' section of the members site (see image below)

This is IN ADDITION to the TWELVE other bonuses you get lifetime access to!

Red Arrows (down)


And remember:


  • Instant Access, Baby

    Sign up now, and you'll be learning how to visualize in minutes. You get immediate access to the entire course - all the videos, audios, reports, bonuses and unadvertised extras. No need to wait!

  • Epic Customer Service

    I pride myself on giving the BEST, bespoke customer experience you'll EVER experience. I kid you not - I am 100% driven by a desire to help you succeed. That means help, quick responses & love :)

  • An Iron-Clad Guarantee

    Remember: you have absolutely no risk here. If you're not completely head over heels with my product - for any reason - just drop me an email & I'll refund ya. There's nothing to send back.


Feedback from current students:

"Carl You're a Genius Mate - It's the clearest, most comprehensive and most effective method I have come across" - Daniel Behan 

"You are the freakin' man! Thank you so much for the advice, brotha. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it" - Brooks Briz

 "So amazing & refreshing too. I have started applying every bit of what you have been saying. Thank you so much for such a simple yet powerful way to make me understand how to visualize" - Samuel Ukundi

 "Very impressed by the course" - Sol Vaadal    

"You changed my life" - John Rakestraw   

"It's making a real difference" - Paul Schubert

"Carl, You're such a sweetheart, you've already fixed my problem. :). You're good. I bet that if I turned you around, I would see your wings."   -  Joyce Sarver


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